Monday, October 5, 2009

Dust and Discoveries

I am cleaning my office, and have been for about a month now. I broke it down into 10 segments (closet, closet, multi-bookcases, desk, books on the floor, etc) in hopes I wouldn't become completely overwhelmed. We live where there are still dirt lots near us, and dirt, lots of it. My office is gritty. The dirt has texture, like ... gritty velvet.

Today I'm on the next to last book shelf, leaving one if I ever finish this and the books on the floor. The bookcases take forever because they're full of Disney collectibles and action figures and so on. And in the process today I found two things, ok, three -

1. I'm horribly allergic to dust. I suppose everyone is. I want to live in a dust-free bubble!

2. A check tucked into the spine of an anthology I was dusting! Seriously, I know I love the writing for the writing's sake, but when someone sends you money, it's polite to take it.

3. I picked up two blank books that I've filled (and thus, techincally, aren't blank anymore) and discovered in one of them that I had sold every story in there except, possibly, one, and I can't remember if it's out somewhere or what I've done with it. That's probably bad. I should probably be able to remember where my stories are. It's 1:30 p.m. - do you know where your stories are?

Now I'm going through a filled book that I didn't write the story titles on the flyleaf of and then, yay, only two more shelves of this case and I shall shower. No doubt mud will flow into the shower drain. But I'm finding things, getting excited about old projects (because of course I need more projects to be excited about) and my office is becoming a pleasant place to be again, as opposed to somewhere I race into, grab what I need, trip over my shoes that are placed stupidly in the path between door and desk, and run off to work somewehre else in the house. That behavior leads to my husband asking why these things (piles of books, papers, notebooks, blank books, pens and cats) can't be in my office? So actually cleaning my office makes the whole house nicer.

Now, back to those last two shelves, she sneezed...

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