Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Internets

Two a.m. and I'm only nocturnal tonight by choice. Rick's job is off for four days, and half of Monday till he has to leave for work at 2:30 p.m. and though we're trying to keep to the staying up till one or two a.m. and getting up later so as not to go back to normal diurnal life, we do go to bed earlier than the five a.m. when he gets home (job runs 4:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. but there's a 90 minute commute, which is just unfair).

But tonight it's not a contest. Tonight I'm working on Kaleidoscope Window, prepping it to go out the door after ignoring it for months and months. Apparently I had developed an urge to write novels and stick them in a closet. There are three in there, unedited, on first draft. And tonight KW starts the journey to the real world.

It's not as hard as I thought and, despite hating having lost that much time, the fact that I havne't looked it since whenever I finished it (which I cannot remember at all, the end of March? The end of April?) means I do not remember it clearly and have some distance, allowing me to kill darlings and change sentences that earlier I'd have protected for no other reason than I wrote them. Sometimes I write myself into not corners so much as cul-de-sacs and then unreasonably try to explain why rather than just xxx-ing out whatever it was. The distance changes that.

But what I really love? Sitting in my office in N NV and answering questions about specific locations in San Francisco, or the SFPD district breakdown, or what the executive director of a public access television statoin does - all by way of Googling. There will be phone calls, on Monday, to follow up on things, but for a lot of what I need, it's out there.

I, OTOH, am not. If I've reached p. 100, I'm going to bed. If I haven't, perhaps I can nap on the MS for a while. Though probably not as well as I napped through the exciting penultimate conclusion of "Angels & Demons" tonight... It may be me, but the movie was more about thinking and deducting (things I thought and deducted long before, but then, I had the advantage of not having the lives of 4 cardinals depending on my figuring out blatant clues - I'm sure that would make anyone nervous enough to totally miss saving 3/4 of those cardinals) and much less about action. And there's nothing wrong with a movie about thinking and deducting rather than actioning unless for some reason the music keeps getting louder and faster as if there's action.

Ah. I'm on page 100 exactly. I shall now sleep. Tomorrow is the second thanksgiving, the tradition Rick & I came up with years ago when we were in exile from Reno (well, it felt that way, we were homesick a lot) and couldn't come back on the holiday and cooked our own feast. We liked it so much we still do it. By 'we' I mean I will spend the day cooking and he will eat. Only fair, as he will spend the day decorating while I work on KW between basting and rising and pie-making.

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