Friday, December 4, 2009


The picture is of Thud, one of the feral kitties born under our porch summer 2009.
Kaleidoscope Window went out the door (so to speak) and off to where hopefully there are readers who will like it. If it comes back, we have plans, it and I, for further work. If it sells, hurrah! I was convinced it's there, and I'm not convinced my plans for it might not take it past there and back again. Too much frillery around the edges.

Now to do the same with the other books I wrote and stored in the closet, and to go on with the current in progress novel, and to finish a handful of short stories that are in their teenage, argumentative stages. One I was working on, a little horror story, I thought, stalled out for the second time last night at something like 1500 words. Today when Rick was off buying more Christmas lights I wrote two entire sentences before finding out what its problem is: It's not a little horror story. There's meat that will go on its bones and a real character in it. Well, damn! I'm pleased, and happy there's more to it, I just had kind of expected it would be ending sooner.

Meanwhile, while placing an ad on Craigslist about my ghostwriting and nonfiction skills, which causes only really crazy people to contact me so far - no, seriously, one tried to sell me business cards, one led me to an infected site (I didn't go in and avoided problems) and another sent me email saying he wanted to tell me his story... and signed with two names, both sexual. Ah! This is helpful. But while looking to asnwer someone else's ad, I discovered a treadmill, a Precor, exactly what I want, and in my price rage (not completely: lately my price range is about $1.99, but still) and only 30 miles from the Nowhere we currently live (deeper into the Nowhere, actually.) So we went and looked at it and tomorrow I shall dig change out of sofa cushions and see if I can get anything for selling a really fat cat and Sunday we will go pick it up. Yay!

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